Waverv Marine WiFi Antenna

Is the simplest high-power wireless marine system, it is not only the easiest way to get a strong wireless signal to your boat, but is also th emost advanced marine system on the market. The wireless caard is built into the antenna which means that there is nothing else to purchase. It works with a single connection to a USB port on your onboard computer.

The combination of a powerful wireless card and 8dB omni antenna the WaveRV Marine gives an amazing performance boost over integrated wireless and stock cards. It typically is 30 times the range of an integrated laptop or computer wireless when mounted on the roof of your boat. It comes with a fifteen foot USB cable. The marine mount is not included with the antenna.


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Marine Wifi Antenna

I’ve seen several of Simon’s installations, first class job, the product will probably last longer than your boat, no bloody sanding and it won’t stain when you bring that 75kg tuna on deck!

‎Peter Gelinas‎

These guys did the decking on my boat. 9m2, great job!

Tom Stone