Yacht Tek Bonding Adhesive is used to secure the synthetic decking to almost any surface including, wood, fibreglass, metal and concrete. It is a single part polyurethane adhesive based on an MS-Polymer.

It produces a tough flexible rubber bond which is resistant to water, solvents and heat but allows the boat to flex naturally. Yacht Tek Bonding Adhesive is available in both black and white.


Yacht Tek Bonding Adhesive

Yacht Tek Bonding Adhesive is available in both black and white and in 2 sizes.

1.2kg of adhesive will lay approximately 1m square of Yacht-Tek. Bonding Adhesive should be applied using a Yacht-Tek spreader (YT-5610) to a clean, dry, dust and grease free surface and the decking placed on top before being firmly rolled in to place using a roller (YT-5627).

It will take approximately 36 hours for the adhesive to dry depending on the atmospheric conditions at the time.

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I’ve seen several of Simon’s installations, first class job, the product will probably last longer than your boat, no bloody sanding and it won’t stain when you bring that 75kg tuna on deck!

‎Peter Gelinas‎

These guys did the decking on my boat. 9m2, great job!

Tom Stone