Care And Maintenance of Your Flexiteek 2G Decking

Flexiteek 2G decking has been designed to require the minimum of maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy your boating! Like most surfaces, it benefits from a little care and maintenance from time to time. The following information will assist you in getting the most out of your new deck for many years.



Occasional Cleaning

Clean occasionally with just a nylon brush and water. Ensure you scrub in line with the grain.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to get a deep clean with less of the “scrub”. Most domestic pressure washers can be used. Work along the planks in the direction of the grain for best results. A working height of around 20 to 30 cm should be sufficient, and a maximum pressure of 135 bar.

Stubborn Stains

Try using a synthetic scouring pad for stubborn stains. If it is still not gone, sand with 60 grit sandpaper, in the direction of the grain. This will lighten the surface, which will gradually blend back in with the surrounding decking.

Deck Colouring

Your Flexiteek 2G deck may gradually darken with age and may lose some of its graining structure, but don’t worry! This is easily rectified as Flexiteek 2G can be re-sanded like a teak deck. Use 60-grit sandpaper and sand in line with the grain to bring back the colour and the grain; in no time, your deck will look like new. We can also offer you this service; please get in touch with your nearest Flexiteek expert about having this service done for you.

Oils, Chemicals and Acids

Do not apply any teak oils, deck brightening chemicals, or any other product designed for use on a teak or a wooden deck. Do not use any acids, such as oxalis, phosphoric, sulphuric, hydrochloride, acetic or citric, to name a few of the ones found in cleaning solutions. Also, be wary of general deck cleaners offered in chandleries, many of which contain a variety of ingredients which may bleach or discolour your Flexiteek 2G deck, even when diluted correctly. Do not use any chemicals, solvents, natural solvents or strong alkalis on Flexiteek 2G.

Other Cleaning Materials

Before using a cleaner on your deck, we suggest checking your product against our list of products below and ensure that it is a neutral pH (pH7) product (pH-neutral products need to be used in temperatures below 30 degrees). Do not allow cleaners used on your decking or the other surfaces on your vessel to evaporate on the surface of Flexiteek 2G. Check the contents and ingredients of all cleaners; as these contain chemicals, solvents and acids that are aggressive and may damage Flexiteek 2G, especially in hotter temperatures. Always wash your deck with copious amounts of freshwater if you think any residue has contaminated the surface. Follow the instructions on the cleaner you use. Be aware that the temperature for using some products refers to the temperature of the deck rather than the air.

Cleaners that we are currently aware of that contain a high pH and/or harmful chemicals that can cause issues are:
• Armor All Wash and Wax
• Awlwash
• Citru-Solve
• CSM by Orlichem
• Dawn Washing Liquid
• Deck Cleaner by The Natural Way of Cleaning
• Marine Boat Wash by Meguiars
• Nano Wash by Nanotech
• OrPine
• Simple Green
• Starbrite
Cleaners containing Sodium Lauryl Sulphate can also damage any caulking compounds used around
decking. In addition, cleaners like CIF Cream and bleach sprays should also be avoided. We do
recommend cleaners like ‘wash and go’. Please note that the use of incorrect cleaners will void the
material warranty.


Do not use power sanders on Flexiteek 2G. This is a specialist job and requires a trained Flexiteek professional to do this.


Everyday Spillages

Clean up spills promptly to save you time later. The longer you leave spillages on the surface, the more difficult they will be to remove. Use warm pH neutral soapy water, methylated spirit or baby wipes.

Oil, Diesel and Petrol Spillages

Leave pH-neutral detergents to sink in to just the affected area for oil, diesel or petrol stains on the Flexiteek 2G for no more than two hours, to help ‘lift out’ the stain. Finally, a good scrub with a Scotch Pad should leave the surface like new.


Foot Protection

In very hot climates wear foot protection. Flexiteek 2G like most woods such as Teak, and most deck coverings will get hot underfoot.


Do not wear high-heeled shoes or any that may mark on your Flexiteek 2G deck.

Hot Objects

Do not place hot objects, pans, BBQs etc., directly on your Flexiteek 2G deck, as these will mark the surface or cause permanent damage.

Heavy or Pointed Objects

Do not place heavy objects with narrow or pointed legs, such as furniture, on your Flexiteek 2G deck without a pad or coaster underneath. Such objects will leave small indentations or darker marks on the deck or cause permanent damage. Dragging objects across the decking may cause marking, which may need to be sanded out; if this does occur try using a scotch-brite in line with the grain.

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I’ve seen several of Simon’s installations, first class job, the product will probably last longer than your boat, no bloody sanding and it won’t stain when you bring that 75kg tuna on deck!

‎Peter Gelinas‎

These guys did the decking on my boat. 9m2, great job!

‎Tom Stone‎